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Learn by Playing!

Today was a game day! We played 2 games. That makes 10 games so far in September.  Our coach must feel the girls will learn by playing.  It does seem to be working as long as they don’t let the losses get them down.  We are a young 12U team and none of the girls have played travel before this year.  Today we played one team that was an older 12U team and we lost and we played another young 12U team and we won that one!

There are so many new rules to learn moving from 10U Recreation and Select teams to 12U Travel, not to even mention the change in the ball size and pitching distance.  The first few games we played I think the girls were taken by surprise by all the stealing, the dropped 3rd strike, etc. Now they are getting much better looking for everything. We know of other teams that are not playing as many games in the fall.  It will be interesting to see how we do against them either later this fall or next spring.

29 Sep 2013